Stock varies each week, please call for current inventory.
All units are equipped with safety features such as throttle limiter and remote kill.

Hammerhead R-150

Hammerhead R-150 Light Duty UTV

$3900 cash or $4100 credit card or finance.

cazador 180xl

Cazador 180xl

Price $2600 cash discount $2500. Colors red,blue,black,green,pink,yellow,spider red blue and black

cazador 180xl deluxe utv

Cazador 180xl Deluxe Utv

Trailmaster Challenger 150 UTV

Challenger and Challenger X

The Challenger 150 : is $2700 cash discount price is $2600 and comes in red, black, blue, green, yellow, white and red spider.

The Challenger X : price $3100 cash discount price $3000